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Kees Bol
Kees Bol.jpg
Born Cornelis Bol
September 21, 1916
Oegstgeest, Netherlands
Died September 16, 2009 (age 92)
Heusden, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Known for Painting, art education

Cornelis "Kees" Bol (September 21, 1916 – September 16, 2009)[8] was a Dutch painter[9] and art educator. His work was exhibited in art galleries and museums throughout the Netherlands, as well as in Paris. In 1950 he was awarded the Thérèse van Duyl-Schwartze Prize and in 1982 he was made Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.


Bol was born in Oegstgeest. Initially he was a florist in his home town. After moving to Eindhoven in 1935, he held corporate jobs at Bata Shoes and Philips.[10] In 1941 he married Toos van 't Hof. In 1946 he turned to art, studying at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with Paul Citroen, Han van Dam, Jan Heesters, and Henk Meijer.[11] In 1947 he moved to Tongelre, Eindhoven where he worked as a painter and taught at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

In 1970 he moved to Heusden. He also spent considerable time painting in France.

At the Design Academy Eindhoven, back at the Royal Academy of Art and in his studio Bol educated scores of art students, among whom Helen Berman, Frans Clement, Els Coppens-van de Rijt, Frank Dekkers, Frank Letterie, Har Sanders, and Hans van Vroonhoven. Both his sons Henri Bol (1945-2000) and Peter Bol (1947) are well-known artists in their own right.[12] His third son Willem (Guillaume) (1950) left at early age the family to go his own way and his art is very close to his father's.

Opposite what had been his home and studio from 1947 in Eindhoven, a park was named in his honor. This park contains Bol's bust.[13] On October 7, 1991 the Dutch broadcaster NCRV aired a special about the painter.

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