Keetmanshoop Commando

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Keetmanshoop Commando
SWATF era Keetmanshoop Commando Are Force Unit emblem.jpg
Keetmanshoop Commando Are Force Unit emblem
Country Republic of South Africa
RoleLight Infantry
SizeOne Battalion
Part ofSouth West Africa Territorial Force
Army Territorial Reserve
Garrison/HQKeetmanshoop South West Africa, now Namibia

Keetmanshoop Commando was a light infantry regiment of the South West Africa Territorial Force. It formed part of the Area Force Units as well as the Territorial Reserve.



Keetmanshoop Commando was one of 26 Area Force Units, similar to the localised territorial force concept of area bound commandos in South Africa. These units were set in particular sectors of South West Africa mainly from the farming community.[1]


Keetmanshoop Commando / Area Force Unit with SWATF Sector 60 Area Force Units


This unit, along with all other South West Africa Territorial Force units was disbanded with the independence of Namibia from South Africa and was announced around December 1988.[2]

Unit Insignia[edit]

SWATF era Keetmanshoop Commando Area Force Unit insignia



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