Kef Governorate

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ولاية الكاف
Map of Tunisia with Kef highlighted
Map of Tunisia with Kef highlighted
Subdivisions of Kef Governorate
Subdivisions of Kef Governorate
Coordinates: 36°10′56″N 8°42′53″E / 36.18222°N 8.71472°E / 36.18222; 8.71472Coordinates: 36°10′56″N 8°42′53″E / 36.18222°N 8.71472°E / 36.18222; 8.71472
Country Tunisia
Created21 June 1956
CapitalEl Kef
 • GovernorMokhtar Nefzi (since 2019)
 • Total4,965 km2 (1,917 sq mi)
 • RankRanked 10th of 24
 • Total243,156
 • RankRanked 19th of 24
 • Density49/km2 (130/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Postal prefix
ISO 3166 codeTN-33

Kef Governorate (Tunisian Arabic: ولاية الكاف Wilāyat el-Kāf pronounced [lkæːf]) is one of the twenty-four governorates of Tunisia. It comprises chiefly part of the dorsal Atlas Mountains and their foothills in north-western Tunisia, bordering Algeria. It covers an area of 4,965 km2 and has a population of 243,156 (2014 census).[1] The capital is El Kef.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Twelve municipalities are in Kef Governorate:

Code Municipality Population
2311 El Kef 54,690
2312 Nebeur 3,299
2313 Touiref 2,178
2314 Sakiet Sidi Youssef 6,335
2315 Tajerouine 17,530
2316 Menzel Salem 1,824
2317 Kalaat es Senam 8,145
2318 Kalâat Khasba 2,558
2319 Jérissa 9,807
2320 El Ksour 5,852
2321 Dahmani 12,964
2322 Sers 12,108


Due to its close proximity to the Algerian border and its historical role in the Algerian War of Independence, Kef has a significant Algerian population, hosting over 6,000 registered Algerian voters, the second largest such community in Tunisia after Tunis.[3] Its capital city, El Kef, was the command centre of the Front de Libération Nationale during the Algerian War of Independence against the French in the 1950s.


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