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Keflavik ÍF.gif
Full name Knattspyrnudeild Keflavíkur
Founded 1929; 88 years ago (1929)
Ground Keflavíkurvöllur, Iceland
Ground Capacity 5,200
Chairman Jón G. Benediktsson
Manager Guðlaugur Baldursson
League Úrvalsdeild karla
2017 1. deild karla, 2nd
Website Club website

Knattspyrnudeild Keflavíkur is an Icelandic football team, commonly known as Keflavík. It is a subdivision of Keflavík ÍF (Keflavík, íþrótta- og ungmennafélag), based in the town of Reykjanesbær in Iceland. They play at Nettó-völlur in Keflavík.

Competition history[edit]

Keflavík have played in the Icelandic football league since 1956. The team has also taken part in every year of the Icelandic FA Cup as well as several minor competitions, including the League Cup. Keflavík has played in all the major European competitions, the European Cup, the UEFA Cup, the Cup Winners´ Cup and the Intertoto Cup.[1]

League history[edit]

Keflavík first played league football when the team joined the newly formed second division in 1956. Keflavík was promoted in 1957 and played in the top flight from 1958–60. The team returned to the second division in 1961 but were promoted again the following year. After narrowly avoiding relegation in 1963 Keflavík won its first title in 1964. The team also won the title in 1969, 1971 and 1973. Since then the team has mostly played in Iceland's top division, Úrvalsdeild, with three spells in the second tier (1981, 1990–92 and 2003).[1][2]

Cup history[edit]

The Icelandic FA Cup was established in 1960 and Keflavík entered from the beginning. The team's first cup game ended in a 0–6 defeat by ÍA. Keflavík reached the semi-final of the competition the next three years and had reached seven semis before playing for the first time in the final in 1973. That game ended in a 1–2 defeat by Fram. In 1975 Keflavík won the cup for the first time, beating ÍA by a single goal. The team reached the final again in 1982, 1985, 1988 and 1993 but lost each time. The duck was broken in 1997 when ÍBV were beaten in a penalty-shootout in a replay. Keflavík won the FA Cup again in 2004 and 2006, first by beating KA 3–0 and then KR 2–0.[1][3]

European history[edit]

Keflavík played its first European game in 1965 after becoming champions the previous year. The team were drawn against Hungarian side Ferencváros in the European Cup. The Hungarians won 9–1 and 4–1 for a 13–2 aggregate win. In the early 1970s Keflavík were the envy of other Icelandic teams when they were drawn against several top sides, including Everton in 1970, Tottenham Hotspur in 1971 and Real Madrid in 1972. Keflavík's first win in European competition came against Swedish side Kalmar FF in the 1979–80 UEFA Cup. Keflavík won the home match 1–0 and progressed to the second round for the first time, winning on away goals. Keflavík played in the UEFA Europa League in 2009–10 after finishing 2nd in the Icelandic Premier League in 2008[1][4] and lost to Maltese club Valletta with the aggregate favoring the Maltese 5–2.

UEFA club competition record[edit]

Competition Matches W D L GF GA
UEFA Champions League 8 0 0 8 5 35
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 6 1 1 4 14 19
UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League 18 4 2 12 18 44

Team colours[edit]

The Keflavík football team originally played in black shirts and white shorts. In 1973, the team changed its strip to yellow shirts and blue shorts. One reason given for the change was the memory of the team's first European away match, against Ferencváros in Budapest. The Keflavík players were playing in floodlights for the first time and had trouble spotting each other in their black shirts.[5] Another reason was that at the time all referees wore black so the black shirts of Keflavík were often frowned upon by referees and officials. The team wore the yellow and blue strip through 1980s, usually with an all-white change strip. At the start of the 1990 season, it was decided to revert to the team's original colours. The team had been relegated the previous season and the change was considered a fresh start and a throwback to the glory days of 1960s and early 1970s.[citation needed] The black and white strip was used for six years with white shirts and black shorts as an alternative. In 1995 the board of Keflavík ÍF decided that the club's colours would be dark blue, white and red and that all teams representing the club should use dark blue as the main colour of their uniforms and clothing. At the start of the 1996 season the football team started to wear a dark blue strip with white stripes. The away strip is all red with white stripes.



Current squad[edit]

As of 10 May 2017[6]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Iceland GK Beitir Ólafsson
2 Iceland DF Anton Freyr Hauksson
5 Iceland DF Jónas Guðni Sævarsson
6 Iceland MF Einar Orri Einarsson
7 Iceland MF Jóhann Birnir Guðmundsson
8 Iceland MF Hólmar Örn Rúnarsson
9 Iceland MF Sigurbergur Elísson
10 Iceland FW Hörður Sveinsson
12 Iceland GK Aron Elís Árnason
13 Scotland DF Marc McAusland
14 Denmark FW Jeppe Hansen
15 Iceland DF Ási Þórhallsson
16 Iceland MF Páll Olgeir Þorsteinsson
17 Croatia MF Juraj Grizelj
No. Position Player
18 Serbia DF Marko Nikolic
19 Iceland MF Leonard Sigurðsson
20 Iceland MF Adam Árni Róbertsson
21 Iceland GK Sindri Kristinn Ólafsson
22 Iceland MF Ísak Óli Ólafsson
23 Iceland MF Benedikt Jónsson
24 Iceland MF Rúnar Þór Sigurgeirsson
25 Iceland MF Frans Elvarsson
26 Iceland MF Ari Steinn Gudmundsson
28 Iceland MF Ingimundur Aron Guðnason
29 Iceland MF Fannar Orri Sævarsson
30 Iceland MF Samúel Þór Traustason
45 Iceland MF Tómas Óskarsson


Club officials[edit]

Coaching staff[edit]

Position Name
Manager Iceland Guðlaugur Baldursson
Assistant manager Iceland Eysteinn Húni Hauksson
Goalkeeping coach Iceland Ómar Jóhannsson
Physiotherapist Iceland Falur Daðason
Massage therapist Iceland Guðbrandur Sigurðsson
Photographer Iceland Jón Örvar Arason
Kitman Iceland Þórólfur Þorsteinsson



Position Name
Chairman Iceland Jón G. Benediktsson

Former coaches[edit]

Player records[edit]

All current players are in bold.

Stadium information[edit]

Shirt Sponsors[edit]

Year Kit Manufacturer Shirt Sponsor
1973 Unknown Víkurbær
1974 Sunna
1975 Víkurbær
1976 SpKef
1982 Fisher
1983 Puma
1984 Adidas Byggingaval
1985 Samvinnuferðir Landsýn
1987 Bylgjan FM989
1988 Ragnarsbakarí
1989 Útvegsbankinn
1990 Berri Íslandsbanki
1993 SpKef
1999 Nike
2004 Puma
2011 Landsbankinn[12]
2014 Nike


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