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Kegel is a company based in Lake Wales, Florida, that provides products for maintaining ten-pin bowling alley lanes, especially in many of the professional tournaments that take place worldwide. Kegel is the only company in the industry to attain ISO 9001 certification[citation needed].

The company was founded in 1981 by John Davis, Linda Davis, Mark Davis and David Jennings. The first manufacturing building (that is currently a public bowling center) that Kegel used is located in Sebring, Florida. The main manufacturing facility was then transferred in the early 2000s to a 72,000-square-foot (6,700 m2) facility in Lake Wales, Florida.[1]


The core division of the company designs and manufactures lane conditioning machines, replacement parts and specialized machinery equipment. The first product to be manufactured was "The Key" which was a small hand operated lane tool used to clean the lanes. Current products that are manufactured at Kegel include lane machines that are cordless and/or run on batteries, which don't require physically moving the lane machine from lane to lane or retracting the heavy cords formerly used to power the machines. The Kustodian Walker Sport Edition is a lane conditioning machine that is cordless, runs on a battery and automatically "walks" from lane to lane while conditioning the lanes.

Kegel also produces other products such as lane conditioners, lane cleaners, cleaner cloths for machines, FIZZION cleaner, REVIVE bowling ball cleaner and Drop 'N Mop Fizzion all-purpose floor cleaner.

Dennis Davis has helped develop and write software for Kegel such as K.O.S.I. Pro lane pattern software, Pocket K.O.S.I. for pocket PC's, C.A.T.S. (computer aided tracking system) and Kegel Tracker call logging system.


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