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Keglevich logo aquila bicipite.png
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Stock Spirits Group
Country of origin Italy
Introduced 1963
Alcohol by volume 18.0° (Fruit)- 38.0°(Dry)
Proof (US) 80
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Keglevich is an Italian brand of vodka.


Keglevich is a vodka brand of Stock, a liqueur company founded in 1884 by Lionello Stock. Keglevich Classic is distilled entirely from pure grain with the original recipe invented by the Hungarian Count of Croatian origin, Stephan Keglevich. Keglevich vodka is marketed in Europe, Russia, USA, Israel and Japan. Different tastes have been developed, new flavors have been created to the range, which now numbers 12 varieties, plus the original Keglevich Dry.

Keglevich Range[edit]

Different tastes have been developed :

Keglevich Dry[edit]

Keglevich Dry is a Vodka produced with pure grain realized using the traditional method set out in the original recipe of Count Keglevich in 1882. Keglevich Dry vodka is absolutely clear and flawlessly transparent to the eye. It is used either for cocktails and long drinks.

Keglevich Fruits[edit]

Keglevich is also available in a range of fruit-flavoured, vodka-based liqueurs. Vodka Keglevich with fruit is the result of pure grain vodka and, depending on the variety, fruit or cream. Also Keglevich fruit is used as a mixer and is excellent for the preparation of Cocktails and long drinks.

Here the following 12 varieties:

K-fruits variety.PNG

Keglevich Klamour[edit]

Keglevich Klamour is an aperitif that combines a triple distilled vodka with an infusion of herbs and passion fruit. Also Keglevich Klamour can be mixed in cocktails or be drunk on the rocks. Its bittersweet taste results perfect for the aperitif moment well known in the italian tradition.

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