Keiichi Ishizaka

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Keiichi Ishizaka
Born (1945-08-25) August 25, 1945 (age 70)
Nationality Japanese
Alma mater Keio University
Occupation Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Japan (2011/11 - )
Employer Toshiba-EMI (1968 - 1993)
Universal Music Japan (1994 - 2009)
Warner Music Japan (2011 - present)
Known for reputation as one of the more colorful and outspoken characters in the Japanese music industry, 2009 Medal of Honor for Public Service Awardee
Relatives Taizō Ishizaka

Keiichi Ishizaka (石坂 敬一 Ishizaka Keiichi?, born August 25, 1945 in Saitama Prefecture), a close relative of Taizō Ishizaka, is the current CEO and chairman of Warner Music Japan and the former chairman of Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Personal life[edit]

He learned the music of Japan while studying Business Administration at Keio University. He graduated in 1968 in the same school.

EMI days[edit]

He became an inside director in 1968 before being promoted at Toshiba-EMI in 1991 and stayed until 1993. He was called "Mr. Beatles" for endless efforts of promoting the British band's albums in Japan.

PolyGram/Universal days[edit]

In 1998, he became the executive director of Universal Music Japan. Three years later, he became the company's CEO, and in October 2006 he became the chairman until November 2009, when he retired. He was replaced as UMG Japan's CEO the same month by former A&R VP and Def Jam Japan GM Koike Kazuhiko.[1]

RIAJ chairmanship[edit]

He was the RIAJ's chairman from July 2007,[2] until he was replaced by Sony Music Japan CEO Naoki Kitagawa in the RIAJ presidency in June 2011.

Warner days[edit]

In November 2011, Keiichi Ishizaka became the CEO and chairman of Warner Music Japan, replacing Hirokazu Tanaka who served as the acting head of the company since the October 2010 tragic death of Takashi Yoshida.[3]


In November 2009, he was awarded with a Medal of Honour with blue ribbon by the Government of Japan.[4]


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