Keiichiro Toyama

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Keiichirō Toyama
Keiichiro Toyama.jpg
Native name 外山 圭一郎
Born (1978-08-17) August 17, 1978 (age 40)
Occupation Video game writer, designer, producer
Years active 1994–present
Employer SCE Japan Studio
Known for Silent Hill
Gravity Rush

Keiichirō Toyama (Japanese: 外山 圭一郎, Hepburn: Toyama Keiichirō, born August 17, 1978) is a video game designer and creator of the survival horror video game series Silent Hill (1999) and Siren.[1]

He was studying art as a student and joined Konami in 1994[2] as a graphic artist. He was the graphic designer and character designer of Snatcher and International Track & Field, after that he created the Silent Hill series. The game was successful and produced various sequels, but Toyama left Team Silent in 1999 after the first game was launched[2] to join SCE Japan Studio afterwards to work on the Siren series. He directed the video games Siren (2003) and its sequel Forbidden Siren 2 (2006).[3] In 2008, Toyama released Siren: Blood Curse, a reimagining of the original Siren game. Toyama then worked on the PlayStation Vita game Gravity Rush, released in 2012.[4] Toyama's most recent game, Gravity Rush 2, was released on January 19, 2017 in Japan.


Video game Release date Role
Snatcher 1994 Graphic designer
International Track & Field 1996 Character designer
Silent Hill 1999 Director, writer, background designer[5]
Siren 2003 Director, writer
Forbidden Siren 2 2006 Director, designer, writer
Siren: Blood Curse 2008 Director, designer, writer[6]
Gravity Rush 2012 Director, designer, original concept, initial story[7][8]
Gravity Rush Remastered 2015 Director, designer, original concept, initial story
Gravity Rush 2 2017 Director, designer


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