Keisei Chiba Line

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Keisei Chiba Line
Keisei Ueno
UpKeisei Main Line
Sōbu Main Line
    (Sōbu Line (Rapid), Chūō-Sōbu Line)Up
Shin-Keisei LineRight
RightTsudanuma, RightRightShin-Tsudanuma
0.0 Keisei Tsudanuma
Tsudanuma Depot
UpMain LineRight
2.1 Keisei Makuhari-Hongō
4.0 Keisei Makuhari
5.3 Kemigawa
8.1 Keisei Inage
9.9 Midori-dai
10.9 Nishi-Nobuto
11.7 Shin-Chiba
Sobu Main LineRight
LeftChiba Urban Monorail: Lines 1, 2Right
12.3 Keisei Chiba
Keisei Chiba (old)moved in 1958
12.9 Chiba Chūō
LeftUchibō, Sotobō lines
Keisei Chihara LineDown

The Keisei Chiba Line (京成千葉線 Keisei Chiba-sen?) is a railway line in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Keisei Electric Railway. It branches from the Keisei Main Line at Keisei Tsudanuma Station and connects to Chiba Chūō Station. At Chiba Chūō Station, the line is connected to the Chihara Line.

Route data[edit]

  • Length: 12.9 km
  • Gauge: 1,435 mm
  • Electrification: 1,500 V DC


No. Station Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
KS26 Keisei-Tsudanuma 京成津田沼 - 0.0 Keisei Main Line
Shin-Keisei Line
KS52 Keisei Makuharihongō 京成幕張本郷 2.1 2.1 Chūō-Sōbu Line
(Makuharihongō Station)
Hanamigawa Chiba
KS53 Keisei-Makuhari 京成幕張 1.9 4.0 Chūō-Sōbu Line
(Makuhari Station)
KS54 Kemigawa 検見川 1.3 5.3
KS55 Keisei-Inage 京成稲毛 2.8 8.1 Inage
KS56 Midoridai みどり台 1.8 9.9
KS57 Nishi-Nobuto 西登戸 1.0 10.9 Chūō
KS58 Shin-Chiba 新千葉 0.8 11.7
KS59 Keisei-Chiba 京成千葉 0.6 12.3 JR Lines
Chiba Urban Monorail
(Chiba Station)
KS60 Chiba-Chūō 千葉中央 0.6 12.9 Keisei Chihara Line


The entire line opened on 17 July 1921 as an electrified, dual-track, 1,372 mm (4 ft 6 in) gauge branch line. On 10 October 1959, the line was regauged to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) in conjunction with the regauging of the Main Line.


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