Keistuolių Teatras

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Keistuolių Teatras, 2008

Keistuolių Teatras ("Weirdos' Theatre", "Theatre of Eccentric Men") is a Lithuanian theatre troupe. It was founded in 1989 by actors Ilona Balsytė, Aidas Giniotis and Sigutis Jačėnas and theatre director Romualdas Vikšraitis.[1] The theatre produces plays and music for general public and children.

In 1999 the theatre became a member of ASSITEJ.

In 20 years (1989–2009) the theatre released 50 plays, 8 videofilms, 11 audiocassetes and 10 CDs.[2]

In 2004 it was entered into the Book of Lithuanian Records ("Lietuvos rekordų knyga") as the longest time acting private theatre and the theatre with most performances in a year (217).[3]