Keisuke Ito

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Keisuke Ito

Keisuke Ito (伊藤 圭介, Itō Keisuke, February 18, 1803 – January 20, 1901) was a Japanese physician and biologist. He was born in Nagoya.

As a doctor, Ito developed a vaccination against smallpox.[1] He also widely studied the Japanese flora and fauna with Philipp Franz von Siebold, the author of Fauna Japonica and Flora Japonica. Rhododendron keiskei has been named after him.[2] He wrote Taisei honzou meiso (Japanese:"泰西本草名疏") published in 1829.

Ito became a professor at the University of Tokyo in 1881.

He died in 1901, and he was ennobled with the title of baron (danshaku).


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