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Keith Drury (born 1945) is an Associate Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University. Drury spent more than twenty years (1971-1988, 1990-1996) in denominational leadership for the Wesleyan Church. As a writer, his blog engages pastors and church leaders on a variety of popular and scholarly ministry topics.


Drury holds his M.R.E in Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey; holds a B.S. in Bible from United Wesleyan College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, as well as an honorary D.D. degree from Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson Mississippi and an honorary L.H.D. degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Drury has been a Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University since 1996, and served in various denominational leadership roles for The Wesleyan Church between 1972 and 1996[1]


A prolific writer, Drury is perhaps best known for his Tuesday Column blog, a series of articles published weekly since 1995 targeted towards Wesleyan pastors and church leaders.[2]


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  • YES Corps service manual (1974, a guide for college youth serving overseas)
  • LIFE Corps service manual (1974, a guide for high school youth serving domestically)
  • CYC Director's Guide (1974, a manual for local leaders of a children's outdoor club)
  • The Adventures of David Livingstone (1975, The Wesley Press)
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  • Camping--CYC Style (1976, a comprehensive approach to children's camping)
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