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Dr. Keith Goh (simplified Chinese: 吴有晶; traditional Chinese: 吳有晶; pinyin: Wú Yǒu Jīng) is a neurosurgeon from Singapore.

Dr Goh became known for leading an international medical and surgical team that was the first to attempt the separation of adult conjoined twins, the Bijani twins, who were joined at the head.[1] The operation, carried out in Raffles Hospital in 2003, was unsuccessful in that both Ladan and Laleh Bijani did not survive the procedure. They died shortly after separation. However, they were mourned for their courage and bravery in going forward with the chance to be separated even though it had a 50-50 risk.

Dr Goh has also led similar surgical teams in separating 2 other sets of conjoined twins,one set joined at the head (2001) and the other, at the spine (2003). These were the first surgeries on such cases in Singapore, and both had successful outcomes.

In 2009, he agreed to operate on another pair of conjoined twins, Vani and Veena, in India. The Indian government has consented to fund the cost of the separation operation.[2]