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Keith Christopher Ingham (born 5 February 1942) is an English jazz pianist, mainly active in swing and Dixieland revival.

Early life and education[edit]

Ingham was born in London on 5 February 1942.[1] His father played the organ in churches.[2] Ingham was largely self-taught and started playing the piano at the age of ten.[2] "He first played in nightclubs in 1960–62 while on government service in Hong Kong, monitoring Chinese airfields during the Cold War, and then read languages, specializing in classical Chinese, at Oxford University."[2] He was married to jazz singer Susannah McCorkle.

Later life and career[edit]

His first professional gigs occurred in 1964.[1] He played with Sandy Brown, Bruce Turner, and Wally Fawkes over the next decade.[1] He played with Bob Wilber and Bud Freeman in 1974, and moved to New York City in 1978.[1] In the 1980s he played with Benny Goodman, the World's Greatest Jazz Band, and Susannah McCorkle.[1] He also worked with Maxine Sullivan, Marty Grosz, and Harry Allen.[1] He recorded several albums of 1930s songs for Jump Records.[1] He has led several bands, including the New York Nine and the Hot Cosmopolites.[2]


Year recorded Title Label Notes
1977? Keith Ingham Plays the Music of Jerome Kern World Records-EMI
1989 The Music of Victor Young Jump With Bob Reitmeier (piano), Frank Tate (bass), Vernell Fournier (drums)[3]
1990 Out of the Past Sackville Solo piano[2][3]
1990? Unsaturated Fats Stomp Off With Marty Grosz[2]
1991 Donaldson Redux Stomp Off With Peter Ecklund (cornet), Dan Barrett (trombone), Bobby Gordon and Billy Novick (clarinet), Loren Schoenberg (tenor sax), Vince Giordano (bass sax, tuba, bass), Marty Grosz (guitar, banjo, vocals), Greg Cohen (bass), Hall Smith and Arnie Kinsella (drums)[3]
1993 Music from the Mauve Decades Sackville With Bobby Gordon (clarinet), Hal Smith (drums)[3]
1994 New York Nine: Volumes 1 & 2 Jump With Randy Reinhart (cornet, trombone), Dan Barrett (trumpet, trombone), Phil Bodner (clarinet, alto sax), Scott Robinson (soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax), James Chirillo (guitar), Vince Giordano (bass sax, bass), Murray Wall (bass), Arnie Kinsella (drums)[3]
1995 The Back Room Romp Sackville With Peter Ecklund (trumpet), Scott Robinson (clarinet, soprano sax, baritone sax), Harry Allen (tenor sax), James Chirillo (guitar), Murray Wall (bass), Jackie Williams (drums)[3]
1994 Just Imagine... Stomp Off With Peter Ecklund (cornet), Dan Barrett (trombone), Dan Levinson (C-melody sax, clarinet), Scott Robinson (clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass sax), Marty Grosz (guitar, vocals), Greg Cohen (bass), Joe Hanchrow (tuba), Arnie Kinsella (drums)[3]
1996 Going Hollywood Stomp Off With Peter Ecklund (cornet, trumpet), Joel Helleny (trombone), Vince Giordano (tuba), Scott Robinson (clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass sax), Dan Block (clarinet, soprano sax), Andy Stein (violin), Marty Grosz (guitar, banjo, vocals), Brian Nalepka and Greg Cohen (bass), Arnie Kinsella (drums)[3]
1998? A Mellow Bit of Rhythm Sackville
1997 A Stardust Melody Sackville With Randy Reinhart (trumpet), Bobby Gordon (clarinet), Scott Robinson (reeds), James Chirillo (guitar), Greg Cohen (bass), Arnie Kinsella (drums)[3]
1999 We're in the Money Sackville With Peter Ecklund (trumpet), Bobby Gordon (clarinet), Chris Flory (guitar), Murray Wall (bass), Steve Little (drums)[3]
2001? Keith Ingham New York 9, vol. 3 Jump
2003? Great Songs from Great Britain Jump
2003 Music, Music Everywhere Spotlite Some tracks solo piano; most tracks trio, with Jim Richardson (bass), Bobby Worth (drums)[3] Rockin' In Rhythm
2011 Rockin' In Rhythm Arbors Records
2015? All of Me Aydenne Simone & The Keith Ingham Trio

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