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Keith McCarthy (born 1960) is an English pathologist and writer of crime fiction, known for his Eisenmenger-Flemming forensic mysteries. He also writes under the name Lance Elliot.


Keith McCarthy was born in 1960 in Croydon, Surrey and educated at Dulwich College, and then St George's Hospital Medical School. He worked for a number of years as a pathologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, but now lives in Bromesberrow, a small village in Gloucestershire. He has been a consultant cellular pathologist in the county for 15 years. He is married and has three daughters.


Eisenmenger-Flemming forensic mysteries[edit]

  • A Feast of Carrion (2003)
  • The Silent Sleep of the Dying (2004)
  • The Final Analysis (2005)
  • A World Full of Weeping (2006)
  • The Rest Is Silence (2007)
  • With a Passion Put to Use (2008)
  • Corpus Delicti (2009)
  • Soul Seeker (2010)
  • Taste of Wormwood (2012)

As Lance Elliot[edit]

  • Murder Plot (2008)
  • Dying to Know (2009)
  • Nor All Your Tears (2011)

Other fiction[edit]

  • Decoherence (2011)

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