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The Honourable
Keith Padgett
Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands
In office
1 February 2012[a] – 3 October 2016
Governor Nigel Haywood
Colin Roberts
Preceded by Tim Thorogood
Succeeded by Barry Rowland
Director of Finance of the Falkland Islands
In office
1 July 2008 – 6 March 2012
Chief Executive Tim Thorogood
Preceded by Derek Howatt
Succeeded by Nicola Granger
Personal details
Nationality British
Political party Nonpartisan
Spouse(s) Val
a. ^ Served as interim Chief Executive until 6 March 2012.

Keith Padgett is an English politician who served as Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands from 2012 to 2016.[1][2] Before his appointed as Chief Executive, Padgett served as the islands' Financial Secretary from 2008, which was renamed Director of Finance with the implementation of the 2009 Constitution. He also acts as Director of Corporate Resources.[3]

Padgett first came to the Falklands in 2001 to serve as Deputy Financial Secretary under Derek Howatt.[4] He was a candidate for Chief Executive in 2007, losing out to Tim Thorogood.[5] In 2008, he succeeded Howatt as Financial Secretary and in 2012 Padgett became Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands, taking over from Thorogood who resigned for family reasons.[1][2]

As Chief Executive, Padgett led the Falkland Islands efforts to develop oil exploration in the Falklands Exclusive Economic Zone[6] and assisted the Governor in leading commemorations for the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War in 2012.[7] He presided over the sovereignty referendum in 2013, acting as returning officer,[8] and also served as returning officer at the November 2013 general election.

In early 2016 Padgett announced his intention to retire and was succeeded by Barry Rowland in October 2016.[9][10]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Derek Howatt
(as Financial Secretary)
Director of Finance of the Falkland Islands
Succeeded by
Nicola Granger
Preceded by
Tim Thorogood
Chief Executive of the Falkland Islands
Succeeded by
Barry Rowland