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Dr Keith Suter
Keith Suter
Keith Suter
Born Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Consultant, Futurist Public Speaker

Dr Keith Suter is a consultant on strategic planning, a Christian, and a futurist. He is a weekly guest on radio station 2GB in Sydney to discuss international affairs with host Brian Wilshire. His first doctorate was in the international law of guerrilla warfare and his second in the economic and social consequences of the arms race. Keith is the resident Foreign Affairs correspondent for Channel 7's Sunrise Program and is a regular on the corporate lecture circuit. He was awarded the Australian Government's Peace Medal in 1986: The International Year of Peace and was Rostrum's "Communicator of the Year" in 1995.[1]

Positions held[edit]

  • Member of Club of Rome, the global think tank on economic and environmental matters, since 1991.
  • President of the United Nations Association (NSW) and President of the Society for International Development (Sydney Chapter).
  • Culture and politics guest speaker at Wesley Institute, Drummoyne NSW, Australia.
  • Member, Australian Foreign Minister’s National Consultative Committee on International Security Issues, Canberra
  • Consultant Conflict Resolution Network, Sydney
  • Director of Studies, International Law Association, Australian Branch
  • Chairperson, International Humanitarian Law Committee of Australian Red Cross (NSW)
  • Chairperson, International Commission of Jurists (NSW)
  • Lecturer, Workers' Educational Association, Sydney [2]
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Politics, Macquarie University
  • Visiting Lecturer, Sydney International Programs, Boston University, USA

Published works[edit]

  • An International Law of Guerrilla Warfare: The Global Politics of Law-Making, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 1984
  • Is there Life after ANZUS: New Directions for the Peace Movement, Pluto, Sydney, 1987
  • Antarctica: Private Property or Public Heritage?, Zed, London, 1991
  • Global Agenda, Albatross, Sydney, 1994
  • Global Change, Albatross, Sydney, 1996
  • Legal Studies, Macmillan, Melbourne, 2000
  • In Defence of Globalisation, University of NSW Press, Sydney, 2001
  • Global Order and Global Disorder: Globalization and the Nation-State, Praeger, Westport, CONN, 2002
  • Global Notebook, Random House, Sydney, 2005
  • Teach Yourself Globalization, Hodder, London, 2006
  • Local Notebook, Random House, Sydney, 2007
  • All About Terrorism, Random House, Sydney, 2008


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