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Keith Temple (born in Newcastle, England) is a British screenwriter for such shows as Emmerdale, Casualty and Doctor Who. He has also worked on the children's television programmes Children's Ward and Byker Grove.[1]

In 2006 he wrote Angel Cake for BBC1 starring Sarah Lancashire and Rita Tushingham. It tells the story of a woman who bakes a cake that turns out to have the image of The Virgin Mary on it. He said of the play "the idea for Angel Cake wasn't some great revelation but instead the result of a fascination with stories which kept appearing in the news about weeping statues and strangely shaped buns."[2]

He wrote an episode for the science fiction series Doctor Who, entitled "Planet of the Ood", which was broadcast by the BBC on 19 April 2008.[3] In the same year, he wrote a comic which featured on the Doctor Who website.[4]


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