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Keith Wickham
Born (1965-02-09) 9 February 1965 (age 51)
St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK[1]
Nationality British
Occupation Voice actor, comedian, screenwriter
Years active 1996–present

Keith Wickham (born 9 February 1965) is an English voice actor and comedian known for providing the voices of various characters in the children's television series Thomas & Friends.


He is well known for voicing Changed Daily in The Secret Show, Mr. Small, and Mr. Tall in The Mr. Men Show (UK version), Corneil in Watch My Chops, Mr. Mouseling and most of the male voices in Angelina Ballerina, Nelson the Elephant, Victor the Crocodile and others in 64 Zoo Lane, Frank the Koala, Archie the Crocodile and Sammy the Shopkeeper in The Koala Brothers and Ol' Graham the Galleon, H.P. the Speedboat, Ken Toyn the Shipwright and Bryan the Ferry in Toot the Tiny Tugboat.

He is Polluto in Tommy Zoom, the first in-house BBC animation production, The Professor, Pipsquawk, Trevor and Mr. Crumble in Frankenstein's Cat and is also in Disney Channel's Jungle Junction, (Early 2009) for then "Playhouse Disney and Spider Eye Productions.

Other cartoons include: Vampires, Pirates & Aliens, Tails and The Thousand Tasks, The Way Things Work, and The Octonauts in which he plays both Professor Inkling and biologist Shellington. He has appeared in about 20 CD-ROM games including Fable and Fable II, and his voice is on numerous TV commercials. He appeared on stage as Kenneth Williams in Round the Horne Revisited.

He is also recognised for playing Steff ant Sariac from Pitt and Kantrop.

Other work[edit]

Wickham also worked as an actor and writer on the radio series Bits from Last Week's Radio recorded by Ear Drum productions for BBC Radio 1. As well as voicing 'Jack of Blades' in the 2004 video game Fable.

He's also done various acting for the company; iHasco, The Interactive Health and Safety Company[2][3] and demonstrates through some of their interactive training such as, Asbestos Awareness,[4] Display Screen Equipment Training,[5]COSHH,[6] Fire Awareness in the Workplace,[7] Food Safety and Hygiene training level 1,Food Safety and Hygiene level 2[8] and a few others that can be found here.

Thomas & Friends – CGI Version[edit]

Since 2009, Wickham has co-worked on the CGI version of the Iconic UK television series Thomas & Friends, once again co-featuring the voice of his co-star Ben Small, (with whom Wickham previously collaborated in Corneil & Bernie). Small has since left and now replaced by John Hasler, (whom Wickham also collaborates with, in Toot the Tiny Tugboat).

Wickham co-provides the voices of various characters of the series, as listed below.

Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy (Hero of the Rails - Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure), Whiff, Dash and Harold in the UK, and
Harvey, Glynn, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Bert, Stafford, Salty, Den, Norman, Bertie (Series 17 onwards), Captain and The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt (UK, Hero of the Rails onwards/US, The Adventure Begins onwards) in both the UK/US, as well as other characters alike.

Voice roles[edit]


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Christmas Carol: The Movie Mr. Leach
2002 Return to Never Land Schroder
2002 The King's Beard Additional voices
2005 Angelina Ballerina: Angelina's Princess Dance William Longtail
Mr. Maurice Mouseling
2006 Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest Le Père English version
Angelina Ballerina: Angelina Sets Sail William Longtail
Mr. Maurice Mouseling
2007 Alice in Wonderland: What's the Matter with Hatter? Additional voices
2009 Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and The Fat Controller (UK) Direct-to-DVD
2010 Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Whiff, Dash, Harold and The Fat Controller (UK)
Salty and Captain (UK/US)
Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island Leonardo
2011 Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and The Fat Controller (UK)
Salty, Den, Paxton and Dowager Hatt (UK/US)
2012 Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery Edward, Henry, James, Percy, The Fat Controller and Mr. Percival (UK)
Skarloey and Sir Handel (UK/US)
2013 Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and The Fat Controller (UK)
Skarloey (UK/US)
Moshi Monsters: The Movie Buster Bumblechops and Diavlo
2014 Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and The Fat Controller (UK)
Salty (UK/US)
2015 Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins Edward, Henry, Gordon, James (UK)
Glynn, The Fat Controller, Gordon's Driver, James's Guard, Knapford Station speaker, some workmen and some signalmen (UK/US)
2015 Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy (UK)
Salty, Bert, Bertie, The Fat Controller, A Diver, Some Workmen and A Policeman (UK/US)
2016 Thomas & Friends: The Great Race Edward, Henry, Gordon and James (UK),
Salty, Den, Norman, Stafford, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Bert and The Fat Controller (UK/US)


Year(s) Title Role Notes
1998-2000 Archibald the Koala Archduke Alongside Richard Griffiths
1998-2003 64 Zoo Lane various Alongside Matt Wilkinson
2001-2007 Angelina Ballerina Mr Mouseling, Grandpa Mouseling, William Longtail, Doctor Tuttle
various characters
Alongside Rob Rackstraw
2003-2006 Watch My Chops Corneil Alongside Ben Small
2004-2007 The Koala Brothers Frank, Archie and Sammy Alongside Rob Rackstraw
2007 Tommy Zoom Polluto and Bad Polluto Drawings
2008-2010 The Mr. Men Show Mr. Small and Mr. Tall Alongside Teresa Gallagher, Steven Kynman, Rob Rackstraw and Tim Whitnall
2009-2013 Jungle Junction Bungo Alongside Jimmy Hibbert
2009-present Thomas and Friends Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy (Hero of the Rails - Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure), Whiff, Dash and Harold (UK) &
Harvey, Glynn, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Bert, Stafford, Salty, Den, Norman (Series 17 onwards), Bertie (Series 17 onwards), Captain and The Fat Controller (UK/US)
Took over the roles of Bertie (UK/US), Norman (UK/US) and The Fat Controller (in the US) from Rupert Degas and Kerry Shale.
2010-present The Octonauts Shellington, Professor Inkling Alongside Simon Greenall, Jo Wyatt, and Rob Rackstraw
2014-present Toot the Tiny Tugboat Ol' Graham the Galleon, H.P. the Speedboat, Ken Toyn the Shipwright, Bryan the Ferry alongside John Hasler

Video games[edit]

Year Title Role
1996 Privateer 2: The Darkening Male Space Communications
1997 City of Lost Children Additional voices
2004 Fable Jack of Blades
2005 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Dhoulmagus
2006 Ape Escape 3 Dr. Tomoki
Shinobido: Way of the Ninja Goh the Bear
Kenobi Ninja
Medieval II: Total War Additional voices
2007 Genji: Days of the Blade Yoritomo
Genji Warrior (Guard B)
Heishi Warrior A
2008 Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Colonel Cutlass
Fable II Additional voices
Memento Mori
2009 Cursed Mountain Edward Alexander Bennett
2013 The Night of the Rabbit Garden Rabbit


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