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Keith Wilkinson is a British musician from South Shields in the northeast of England who was bassist for the band Squeeze between 1985 and 1996 recording 7 albums; Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti, Babylon and On, Frank, A Round and a Bout (live album), Play Some Fantastic Place, and Ridiculous.

Music career[edit]

Before Squeeze, in 1983-84, he recorded with the Squeeze side-project Difford and Tilbrook. Between 1986 and 1992 he was also the bassist for the solo albums released by Squeeze member Jools Holland, appearing on A World of his Own, The Full Complement and A-Z the Geographers, Guide to the Piano. He also recorded with fellow Squeeze member Paul Carrack, American singer-songwriter Michael Penn and British New Wave singer Howard Jones, as well as concert work with Marcella Detroit.

Wilkinson’s career began as a co-founder of the band Nasty Pop who formed in Liverpool and signed to Island Records in 1974 recording Nasty Pop before moving to EG Records and releasing Mistaken ID on the Polydor label.

In 1978 he joined Edinburgh-based band Café Jacques recording the single "International" and touring extensively in Europe supporting the Kinks.

Between 1979 and 1982 he did session work recording for artists such as Junior Giscombe, Lynx, Peter Blegvad, Jane Kennaway. He also toured with Julian Marshall’s Eye to Eye. After Squeeze, Wilkinson wrote and recorded soundtrack music with Jon Etkin Bell for several TV series made by Mentorn Productions, including the soundtrack for the original version of The Diana Years, as well as performing and recording with the band Oceanhead.

In 2011 he joined The Jar Family, a song writing collective from the north east of England, playing bass and producing the first two albums The Jar Family Album and Jarmalade. There is also a third album Family First.

Personal life[edit]

He is a co-director of the company Yellow Brick Entertainment, instigated and headed by his wife Meredith Cork.

They have a son, Sam, who is an actor.


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