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Unsolved Cases[1] (ケイゾク, Keizoku) is a Japanese mystery thriller created first as a TV drama and later as a film. It is about Detective Jun Shibata, who handles unsolved cases with her hardened partner Tōru Mayama.

The television series was broadcast in 11 episodes between 8 January and 19 March 1999.[2] A two-hour "special drama" was then broadcast on 24 December 1999.[2] The series has been called "epoch-making" in the police procedural genre on Japanese television.[3]



Episode Titles[edit]

  • 01: "Phone Call from the Dead Man"
  • 02: "Punishment Table of Ice"
  • 03: "The Wiretapped Murderer"
  • 04: "The Room of Certain Death"
  • 05: "The Man Who Saw the Future"
  • 06: "The Wickedest Bombing-Demon"
  • 07: "Death Curse of the Oil Painting"
  • 08: "Farewell, Lovely Cutthroat"
  • 09: "Future Revenge of the Past"
  • 10: "Your Own Two Eyes"
  • 11: "The Kiss of Death's Flavor"


Film (2000)[edit]




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