Kek Look Seah Temple

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Front view of Kek Look Seah Temple
Pagoda at Kek Look Seah Temple

Kek Look Seah Temple (also Kek Lok Seah) (Chinese: 極樂社) is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple located at Bercham, Ipoh, Perak. This temple is one of the famous Buddhist Centre in local community. During Buddha's birthday (Vesak), the centre with the local supports who stay in the community will organize a great vegetarian feast in front of the altar for prayers before eaten by the attendees.[1] The foods served are all in vegetarian as buddhist teachings always encourage people to consume more vegetables and reduce the killing of animals for consumption. The temple has crematorium services for the dead beside it and is a notable columbarium for the Chinese community in Ipoh.[2] On 20 April 2012, the Police Day celebration for Perak was held in this temple for police officers who practice Buddhism.[3]

One of the co-founder 李齋生 / 李斋生



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