Kekec's Tricks

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Kekec's Tricks
(Kekčeve ukane)
Kekčeve ukane 1969.jpg
Directed by Jože Gale
Produced by Ljubo Struna
Screenplay by Ivan Ribič
Jože Gale (adaptation)
Based on Kekec mountain narratives
by Josip Vandot
Starring Zlatko Krasnič
Polde Bibič
Boris Ivanovski
Jasna Krofak
Fanika Podobnikar
Music by Bojan Adamič
Cinematography Rudi Vaupotič
Edited by Darinka Peršin
Viba film
Distributed by Vesna film (original)
Viba film (current)
Release date
23. december 1968
Running time
78 minutes
Country Slovenia
Language Slovene

Kekec's Tricks (Slovene: Kekčeve ukane) is a 1968 Yugoslav/Slovenian adventure film directed by Jože Gale. Film was based on the Kekec mountain narratives by Josip Vandot, published in Slovenian youth magazine Zvonček. Film was produced at Viba film and distributed originally at Vesna film and currently at Viba film.

This is last of three in the Jože Gale film series about Kekec and has two previous parts: Kekec from 1951 and Good Luck, Kekec (Srečno, Kekec!) from 1963.

Plot summary[edit]

In the third and the last part of the film trilogy about Kekec (Zlatko Krasnič), evil wild poacher Bedanec (Polde Bibič) appears again. Kekec and his friends are there to chase and hunt Bedanec again and sent him far away. Bedanec catches Brincelj (Milorad Radovič) and Rožle (Boris Ivanovski). Very brave Kekec saves both of them with the help of his wisdom and tricks Bedanec, who catches in his own trap that he set.

Kekec saves Bedanec out of the trap because he asks him nicely, however he doesn't learn anything out of this. Will maybe wise man Vitranc (Jože Zupan) bring peace in these places...


Actor Character
Zlatko Krasnič Kekec
Polde Bibič Bedanec
Boris Ivanovski Rožle
Jasna Krofak Mojca
Fanika Podobnikar Tinkara
Milorad Radovič Brincelj
Jože Zupan Vitranc


The whole music including theme was composed by Bojan Adamič, a Slovenian composer. Lyrics for theme song called "Kekčeva pesem" was written by Kajetan Kovič and performed by Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra.

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