Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

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Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
Directed byYoshishige Miyake
Takashi Komatsu
Hisashi Ueda
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes12
Original networkKansai TV
Original releaseJuly 4 –
September 19, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (結婚できない男), known in English as The Man Who Can't Get Married, is a 2006 Japanese drama broadcast by Fuji TV. The theme song is "Swimmy" by Every Little Thing.

The drama was produced by Kansai Telecasting Corporation and Media Mix Japan.


Shinsuke Kuwano (Abe Hiroshi), a successful architect at 40, enjoys living by himself. He doesn't like people but somehow is able to design wonderful houses for them.

Kuwano is incredibly socially awkward, to the point of being rude, however, he often means well, and is generally at a loss as to why he annoys people around him (which he does consistently). While he is a loner, he has regular contact with his family, his mother in particular is trying to get him married. His day to day contact with his long suffering employee Eiji (Tsukamoto Takashi) and business manager Maya Sawazaki (Takashima Reiko) is troublesome, they see him as awkward, but as he is the core talent of the business, they put up with his antisocial ways. This generally involves them placating clients and trying to cover for the fact he sometimes insults them without even realising it.

He has a routine of making himself a delicious dinner and then relaxing to classical music in his easy chair (he likes to pretend that he is the conductor). One night, he plays the music loud enough to make his next door neighbor, Michiru Tamura (Kuninaka Ryoko) knock on his door to complain. When Kuwano answers the door, he suffers terrible stomach pain and collapses to the floor. Lucky for him, his neighbor Michiru is nice enough to accompany him to the hospital, where he is treated by Dr. Natsumi Hayasaka (Natsukawa Yui). He is really rude to Natsumi, but she is still determined to treat him.

Afterwards, Michiru and Natsumi become part of Kuwano's life. They make friends with Kuwano's colleagues Eiji and Maya. While becoming friends they all enjoy talking about how strange and eccentric Kuwano is. As time goes by, they all see something in Kuwano, while Kuwano himself changes his habits and starts to slowly appreciate the people around him.

Additionally Kuwano has a rival architect, Kaneda, whom he despises, though he seems interested in his extravagant lifestyle. Kaneda, only seem to use the cover of an architect as a cover to get girls and impress people. This intrigues Kuwano, who constantly checks his website to see if Kaneda actually builds anything. Kaneda is an architect like Kuwano, and around the exact age, they are polar opposites.


Many of the themes of Modern Japan, and cultural traditions are obvious in Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. Three of the characters are 30/40 somethings, who are not yet married. In Japan, this puts them "on the shelf". The show also deals with family expectations to have a relationship, and the lives of those who are lonely.


Episode title
Episode title (EN translation)
Broadcast date
Ep. 1
What's Wrong With Being a Loner?!!
July 4, 2006
Ep. 2
What's Wrong With Eating Whatever I Want?!!
July 11, 2006
Ep. 3
What's Wrong With Spending Money However I Please?!!
July 18, 2006
Ep. 4
What's Wrong With Spending My Days Off Alone?!!
July 25, 2006
Ep. 5
What's Wrong With Not Letting Anyone Come Inside My House?!!
August 1, 2006
Ep. 6
What's Wrong With Being Inflexible?!!
August 8, 2006
Ep. 7
What's Wrong With Hating Being Around My Family?!
August 15, 2006
Ep. 8
What's Wrong With Hating Dogs?!!
August 22, 2006
Ep. 9
What's Wrong with Having a Girlfriend?!!
August 29, 2006
Ep. 10
What's Wrong With Not Understanding A Woman's Heart?!!
September 5, 2006
Ep. 11
What's Wrong With Hating Floral Prints?!!
September 12, 2006
Ep. 12
What's Wrong With Being Happy!?
September 19, 2006



  • Hiroshi Abe - Shinsuke Kuwano: the protagonist.
  • Yui Natsukawa - Natsumi Hayasaka: physician, Shinsuke's personal doctor.
  • Ryoko Kuninaka - Michiru Tamura: Shinsuke's neighbor, living in Shinsuke's next door which her uncle owns with her own pug "Ken", during her uncle's long absence overseas.
  • Takashi Tsukamoto - Eiji Murakami: Shinsuke's assistant.
  • Reiko Takashima - Maya Sawazaki: Shinsuke's friend as well as his job partner as an architect producer.
  • SHEILA - Chizuru Nishimura: Michiru's friend, who always looks for boyfriends.
  • Yuko Nishimaru - Mari Ozawa: A nurse working under Natsumi, whom Natsumi named as "in charge of smiles".
  • Iku Takamatsu - Kazumi Emori: A nurse working under Natsumi.
  • Rieko Miura - Keiko Nakagawa: Shinsuke's younger sister.
  • Toshinori Omi - Yoshio Nakagawa: Shinsuke's brother-in-law (Keiko's husband), VP of the hospital Natsumi is working for.
  • Sakura - Saori Yoshikawa: Eiji's girlfriend, working for Maya's office.
  • Noboru Takachi - Hiroyuki Kaneda: An architect whom Shinsuke regards as a rival, owns a Toyota 2000GT, also a womanizer.
  • Mitsuko Kusabue - Ikuyo Kuwano: Shinsuke's mother.
  • Ayano Tachibana - Convenience store cashier.
  • Hiroyuki Nishio - Video rental shop cashier.
  • Mansaku Fuwa - Master carpenter.


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