Kekurny Island

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Kekurny Island
Остров Кекурный
Kekurny Island is located in Magadan Oblast
Kekurny Island
Kekurny Island
Coordinates: 59°31′32″N 150°57′18″E / 59.5255°N 150.955°E / 59.5255; 150.955
Country Russian Federation
Federal subject Far Eastern Federal District
Oblast Magadan Oblast

Kekurny Island (Russian: Остров Кекурный) is a very small island in the Gertner Inlet of Taui Bay, in the Sea of Okhotsk, within Magadan Oblast, Russian Far East.


It is a rock islet 21 metres (69 ft) in height, located 700 metres (2,300 ft) off Cape Krasny.

Administratively, Kekurny Island is a part of the city of Magadan.

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