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Kel Ahaggar (trans: "People of Ahaggar") is a Tuareg confederation inhabiting the Ahaggar Mountains (Hoggar Mountains) in Algeria. The confederation is believed to have been founded by Tin Hinan, whose tomb is located at Abalessa. The official establishment is dated to around 1750. It has been largely defunct since 1977, when it was terminated by the Algerian government.

The language of the confederation is Tahaggart, a dialect of Tamahaq.


The Kel Ahaggar confederation is made up of a number of tribes, including:

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  • Ball, David (1999). Empires of Sand. Bantam. ISBN 0-553-11014-4.  A novel about the 1881 attempt by the French government to drive a railroad through the heart of the Sahara, including the Ahaggar region. The expedition, led by Lt. Colonel Paul Flatters, was attacked by the Tuareg of the Kel Ahaggar.

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