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The Kelabit Highlands are a mountain range located in the northernmost part of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. The highest mountains in this range are Mount Murud at 2,423 metres (7,949 ft), Bukit Batu Buli at 2,082 metres (6,831 ft), and Bukit Batu Lawi at 2,046 metres (6,713 ft).

The area hosts fourteen villages. Seven of these are in the Bario area while the others are around the outskirts of the plateau. 'Bario Asal' as the original longhouse within the plateau and Ulung Palang, Arur Dalan, Pa'Ramapoh Atas and Pa'Ramapoh Bawah, Pa' Derung, Padang Pasir and Kampung Baru are resettled villages in 1960s. To the east side are Pa'Umor, Pa'Ukat and Pa'Lungan and to the south are Long Dano, Pa'Dallih and Remudu. The other two villages are Long Lellang and Long Seridan.

The current population of the Kelabit people is about 6,800.

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Coordinates: 4°13′25.73″N 114°21′58.02″E / 4.2238139°N 114.3661167°E / 4.2238139; 114.3661167