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Kelan Luker (born December 18, 1980) is a former American football player and rock musician and a current American football coach. He played at the quarterback position for Southern Methodist University and at the bass guitar position for the band Submersed.

Football player[edit]

Luker is from Stephenville, Texas, where he was an All-Texas quarterback while competing for the Stephenville High School football team.[1][2] Kelan led Stephenville to a Texas state title in 1998 and then received a scholarship to play for Southern Methodist University.[3][4][5]

Bass player[edit]

After two years with SMU, Luker left football to play bass guitar in the Dallas based band Submersed.[6][7][8] With the band, Luker re-located to Florida and with the help of then-former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, the band signed a record deal with Wind-up Records. Submersed found success with the release of two full length albums, In Due Time and Immortal Verses.[9][10]

Return to football[edit]

In April 2008, Luker announced that with two years of eligibility left, he planned on returning to college football to play for Tarleton State University.[11][12][13] On August 28, 2008, Luker made his debut with Tarleton State in a 51-10 victory over the Savage Storm of Southeastern Oklahoma.[citation needed]

In 2013, Luker was working as a quarterbacks coach in Florida.[14][15]


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