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Keldermans is a family of Flemish artists, originating from the city of Mechelen in the Duchy of Brabant. The members of the family were mostly architects working in the Brabantine Gothic style. As the most important architects of their time in the Netherlands, they defined the Brabantine Gothic style, and their works can still be seen today in cities like Mechelen, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Lier, Middelburg and Gouda. Anthonis II and Rombout II were court architects for Charles V. Laurens II, last in the line, was influenced by Renaissance architecture and marked the end of the Gothic period in this region.

Family tree[edit]

Jan I
Jan II
Andries I
city architect of Mechelen
Rombout I
glass painter
city halls of Gouda
and Middelburg
Matthijs I
in Leuven and Middelburg
Anthonis I
(c. 1440–1512)
city architect of Mechelen
city hall of Middelburg
Matthijs II
(fl. 1478–1495)
Anthonis II
(d. 1515)
architect for Charles V
and city of Mechelen
Rombout II
architect for Charles V
and city of Mechelen
Laurens I
(fl. 1485)
Anthonis III
sculptor in Spain
Laurens II
(d. 1534)


The actual family name was Van Mansdale. Keldermans (Dutch for cellar man) was a nickname given to Jan I because the family house was nicknamed 't Kelderken (the cellar). The family was not happy with the nickname and usually continued to sign documents with the name "Van Mansdale".


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