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Logo of Kelly & Walsh.

Kelly & Walsh was a notable Shanghai-based publisher of English language books, founded in 1876,[1] which currently exists as a small chain of shops in Hong Kong specializing in art books.

Kelly & Walsh Ltd. was formed in 1876 by combining two Shanghai booksellers: Kelly and Co. and F. & C. Walsh.[1] It was incorporated on July 1, 1885 and most active from the 1880s through the 1930s, with publications from cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Yokohama. It moved to Hong Kong following the occupation of China by the Japanese, and was ultimately sold to book seller Swindon Book Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Ball, J. Dyer
    • Five Thousand Years of John Chinaman, 1906.
    • Rhythms and Rhymes in Chinese Climes: A Lecture on Chinese Poetry and Poets, 1907.
  • Eitel, Ernest J., Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects In Three Lectures, 1873.
  • Giles, Herbert A.
    • A Glossary of Reference on Subjects Connected with the Far East, 1878.
    • 古今姓氏族譜 [Gujin Xingshi Zupu] A Chinese Biographical Dictionary, 1898.
  • Wei, Yuan, Chinese Account of the Opium War, 1888.
  • De Havilland, Walter, The ABC of Go: The national war game of Japan, 1910.
  • D'Auxion de Ruffe, Reginald, Is China Mad?, 1928.
  • White, William Charles, Tombs of Old Lo-Yang, A Record of the Construction and Contents of a group of Royal Tombs at Chin-t'sun, Honan, probably dating 550 B.C., 1934.
  • McHugh, J.N., A Handbook of Spoken "Bazaar" Malay, 1953.
  • Lai, T. C., Magic Mountains: the Art of Yu Chengyao, 1987.
  • Wen Yuan-ning Imperfect Understandings, 1935


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