Kelly Capwell

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Kelly Capwell
Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell (1985)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Robin Wright (1984–88)
Kimberly McArthur (1988–89)
Carrington Garland (1989–91)
Eileen Davidson (1991–93)
Duration 1984–93
First appearance Episode 1
July 30, 1984
Last appearance Episode 2137
January 15, 1993
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Occupation Waitress at Le Mesa
Advertising Executive at Delta Pharmaceuticals
Employee at Capwell Enterprises
Employee at Amonti Enterprises

Kelly Capwell (formerly Perkins, Conrad and Armitage) is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. She was one of the original characters on the show, and was one of three characters on the show that was recast three times. She was first portrayed by American actress Robin Wright from July 30, 1984 to June 24, 1988.[1] Having played the character for the longest amount of time, Robin was the favorite Kelly of the audience. The second actress, Kimberly McArthur portrayed the role from June 27, 1988 to February 10, 1989. The third actress, Carrington Garland, played the role from March 23, 1989 to September 27, 1991. The final actress to portray the role was Eileen Davidson, from November 8, 1991 to the show's end on January 15, 1993.

Character history[edit]

Kelly Capwell, the daughter of rich businessman C.C. Capwell, appeared in the very first episode of the series. Although in a relationship with Peter Flint, Kelly was still in love with her childhood sweetheart, Joe Perkins. When Joe was released from prison after serving five years for the murder of her brother, Channing Capwell Jr., Kelly at first denied her love for Joe, but eventually she admitted that she still loved him. Peter, a dangerous gigolo, tried various schemes to separate Joe and Kelly, but was unsuccessful.

Peter turned into a serial killer, murdering 4 women who looked like Kelly and leaving a white carnation beside each victim. Peter eventually attacked Kelly, but she was rescued before her wedding to Joe. After the wedding, however, Peter took Joe hostage. Peter shot Joe, causing him to fall out of a window, and Joe died at the hospital. Peter also tried to kill Kelly, but Cruz Castillo managed to shoot Peter down before he could get to her. Kelly was heartbroken.

Kelly moved away from Santa Barbara for a while, but upon her return she fell in love with Nick Hartley, a promising photographer. Kelly and Nick had a series of amazing adventures together, but their happiness was disturbed when Kelly slept with Nick's brother Dylan. Realizing that she had made a mistake, Kelly told Dylan that it was over between them and that she loves Nick, but Dylan could not let her go. He attacked her, and in self-defense, Kelly pushed Dylan through a window and he died. Gina DeMott accidentally found a videotape showing Kelly pushing Dylan and Kelly was put into an asylum. If it hadn't been for Pearl Bradford, the asylum's Dr. Rawlings might have kept Kelly there forever.

Kelly escaped to Switzerland, where she fell in love with Jeffrey Conrad, a man sent by her father to take care of her. Kelly and Jeffrey returned to Santa Barbara, where Kelly announced that she was pregnant, but she lost the baby. C.C. was, at the time, unaware that Jeffrey was actually the son of his ex-wife Pamela Capwell Conrad. Kelly then sought comfort in the arms of T.J. Daniels, a lover of her mother's. Pamela, jealous of Kelly's and T.J.'s closeness, poisoned Kelly. Jeffrey decided to get rid of Kelly with T.J.'s help, but he eventually reconsidered, and the couple divorced.

Kelly then fell in love with Robert Barr, an ex-lover of her sister Eden Capwell. Kelly worried that Robert and Eden would fall in love again, but eventually she came to accept that Robert loved her. What she did not realize was that Robert's twin brother, Quinn, had kidnapped Robert and was pretending to be him. Quinn soon fell in love with Kelly and decided to tell her the truth, but Kelly was unable to deal with it. Meanwhile, Quinn's accomplice Flame Beaufort killed Robert. Kelly realized that she loved Quinn and ended up pregnant, but she lost the child. Realizing that Quinn needed help to get away from the police, Kelly helped him escape from the country.

Kelly found herself alone again and had series of unsuccessful dates including Cruz's brother Ric. She sought friendship from Cruz, who was divorced from her sister Eden. The two quickly fell in love, but Cruz left Santa Barbara sometime in 1992. Kelly then fell in love with Connor McCabe a police investigator. When the series ended, Kelly was happily in love with him.


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