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Kelly Evans (born July 17, 1985 in Hartford, Connecticut) is an American journalist and co-anchor of Power Lunch on the CNBC business news channel.[1] She was previously based in CNBC Europe's London, England, headquarters from May 2012 to May 2013 and is now based in CNBC's headquarters in New Jersey. Prior to joining CNBC, she was an economics reporter at The Wall Street Journal where she wrote the "Ahead of the Tapes" column, wrote for "Heard on the Street", and hosted the daily "News Hub" on[2][3] Before joining CNBC she was a regular guest on various television news programs.[4]


Evans was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in Lexington, Virginia, Rockbridge County near the Blue Ridge Mountains. At Rockbridge County High School she earned eight letters in lacrosse, cross country and track.[2]

She was a George Washington Honor Scholar (a competitive four-year full-ride academic scholarship) and graduated magna cum laude from Washington and Lee University. She was a four-time scholar athlete, co-captain of the women's lacrosse team (First Team All-State, a First-Team All-ODAC and a First Team All-Region selection) and a national leadership society Omicron Delta Kappa.[2][3]

On April 22, 2017, she married CNBC's sports reporter Eric Chemi.[5]. Their first child, a boy, was born on July 5, 2018.


Evans started at the Wall Street Journal in 2007, covering real estate and economics. She also worked there as a reporter for the Global Economics bureau. Evans was one of the moderators for a 2012 Republican Primary debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.[2][4] She also moderated a James Carville v. Ann Coulter debate, part of the 25th annual mock convention event at her alma mater.[2][6] She has been compared to former CNBC host Erin Burnett, who left the cable business channel to anchor a news program on CNN.[7]


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