Kelly Hill Conservation Park

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Kelly Hill Conservation Park
South Australia
Stalactite in Kelly Hill.JPG
Stalactite in Kelly Hill caves
Kelly Hill Conservation Park is located in South Australia
Kelly Hill Conservation Park
Kelly Hill Conservation Park
Nearest town or city Kingscote
Coordinates 35°59′4″S 136°55′6″E / 35.98444°S 136.91833°E / -35.98444; 136.91833Coordinates: 35°59′4″S 136°55′6″E / 35.98444°S 136.91833°E / -35.98444; 136.91833
Established 1 January 1971[1]
Area 2,176 ha (5,380 acres)[1]
Managing authorities Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Website Kelly Hill Conservation Park
See also Protected areas of South Australia

Kelly Hill Conservation Park is a protected area in South Australia located on Kangaroo Island. The Kelly Hill Caves system is the main attraction within the conservation park. In 1993, a portion of the conservation park was excised to create the Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area. It is classified as an IUCN Category III protected area.[2][3][4]

Inside Kelly Hill caves
Visitors centre

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