Startup Princess

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Startup Princess
Startup Princess logo.jpg
Type of business Private company
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
Founder(s) Kelly King Anderson
Key people Michelle McCullough, Managing Director
Industry Startup, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Startup Princess is a Utah-based Startup network aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006 by Kelly King Anderson, who was at the time unsuccessfully searching for venture capital for another business venture, and recognized a gap in the marketplace. Shortly afterward, Startup Princess was launched, aiming to provide mutual support to women entrepreneurs.[1] In 2010 and in 2012, Startup Princess was included by Forbes Magazine in their list of the top 100 websites for women.[2][3]

Services and coaching[edit]

Startup Princes offers services, coaching and mentoring to women entrepreneurs. The platform aims to help new entrepreneurs successfully plan, execute and manage their business. This includes providing advice on taxes, accounting, balance sheets, marketing, sales, and branding. According to Managing Director Michelle McCullough, the biggest issue they address is the propensity for entrepreneurs not to plan for their business's growth.[4]


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