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Hobart Kelliston McDowell III
Born 1953 (age 63–64) estimated
Residence El Segundo, California
Nationality United States
Alma mater
Occupation lawyer
Home town Vienna, Virginia
Title former Mayor
Children Kelliston
Parent(s) Martha Louise Shea McDowell
Hobart K. "Bart" McDowell, Jr.
Relatives Robert M. McDowell, brother

Hobart Kelliston McDowell III is an American business attorney, government affairs consultant and politician. He was mayor of El Segundo, California for six years (2004–2010), and served as a member of the city council for twelve years (1998–2010).[3]

McDowell opposed expansion of LAX, threatening to sue the Los Angeles City Council. He reached a deal with Los Angeles to develop an alternative to expansion in return for dropping the lawsuit.[4] He also threatened to sue over a plan by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to put a rail yard in El Segundo.[5][6]


Hobart Kelliston McDowell III is the son of the late Hobart K. McDowell, Jr., and the late Martha Louise Shea McDowell.[7][8][9] He has a sister, Tina S. McDowell, and two brothers, Joseph S. McDowell and Robert M. McDowell.[8] He has one son, Kelliston.[1]


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