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Kelly Poon
Kelly Poon 2010 1.jpg
Born (1983-07-11) 11 July 1983 (age 36)
EducationDiploma in Maritime Transport Management
Alma materHuamin Primary School
Yishun Town Secondary School
Singapore Polytechnic
Years active2005–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese潘嘉麗
Simplified Chinese潘嘉丽
Musical career
GenresMandarin pop

Kelly Poon (simplified Chinese: 潘嘉丽; traditional Chinese: 潘嘉麗; pinyin: Pān Jīalì) (born 11 July 1983) is a Singaporean Chinese singer who emerged from one of the Project SuperStar singing competition held in Singapore.

Early life[edit]

Kelly Poon graduated from Huamin Primary School and Yishun Town Secondary School. She later graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Maritime Transport Management in 2004.

After graduation in 2004, she became an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines.

Entertainment career (2005-Present)[edit]

Poon auditioned for Project SuperStar in April 2005 and was eliminated in the fourth quarter-final, but was back on stage following sufficient public votes in the revival round. She supposedly impressed both the critics and the judges with her on-stage personality and versatility, and then came in second in the Grand Finals of Project Superstar[1] whilst securing a recording deal with Universal Music.

She released her first album Love Me, Kelly on 14 February 2006 in Singapore. Later, Poon signed a management contract with Yao Chien and released her 2nd album In the Heart of the World in Singapore and Taiwan. Her third album, Smiling Kelly, was released on 22 October 2008 in Taiwan. By the end of 2010, she ended her contract with Yao Chien and signed with Rock Records in the same year, releasing her fourth album Super Kelly on 29 July 2011 in Taiwan and 3 August 2011 in Singapore.

In 2013, Poon hosted her first television show 女人我最大 新加坡, working with Pauline Lan.

Poon moved to Mode Entertainment in Singapore and Cosmos Entertainment in Taiwan in 2014. Her most recent EP Miss Kelly was released in July 2014. Poon was appointed as spokesperson of casual clothing brand dENiZEN in 2015.[2] Her most recent Album Miss Kelly was released in July 2014, consisting of her compositions too. In the same year, Kelly was awarded an Singapore Golden Melody Award and also won an award at the Global Chinese Music Awards. She then also acted in a movie with Tender Huang in 2017.

Personal life[edit]

Poon suggested that she suffers from keloid problems, meaning that she scars easily after a wound heals, "if a mosquito bites me, it takes very long for the bite to heal".[3] Her mother is known to worry about Poon.[4]



Since her debut in 2005, Kelly has released 1 single and 4 albums:


Single # Single Information
1 遺失的美好
1a 被愛的女人
2 Shakalaka Baby
3 維多利亞的愛
4 限時的遺忘
5 鳶尾花
with Yellow Lee
6 花非花
Odds in Love Movie theme song


Album # Album Information
1st Love Me, Kelly
1st Part 2: Celebration Album Love Me, Kelly
2nd Hello Kelly, 在世界中心
(Zai Shi Jie Zhong Xin/Center of the World)
3rd Smiling Kelly
4th Super Kelly 超給麗
5th Miss Kelly 情人嘉麗


Music videos[edit]

  • Self, Love me, Kelly - Debut, 《愛,無力》(2006)
  • Self, Love me, Kelly - Debut, 《計時炸彈》(2006)
  • Self, [[Hello Kelly - Debut Taiwan|在世界中心]], 《Shakalaka Baby》(2007)
  • Self, [[Hello Kelly - Debut Taiwan|在世界中心]], 《在世界中心》(2007)
  • Self, [[Hello Kelly - Debut Taiwan|在世界中心]], 《一秒鐘的永遠》(2007)
  • Self, [[Hello Kelly - Debut Taiwan|在世界中心]], 《溺愛》(2007)
  • Self, [[Hello Kelly - Debut Taiwan|在世界中心]], 《印象派的愛情》(2007)
  • Self, Smiling Kelly, 《限時的遺忘》(2008)
  • Self, Smiling Kelly, 《愛我100分鐘》(2008)
  • Self, Smiling Kelly, 《維多利亞的愛》(2008)
  • Self, Smiling Kelly, 《春去春又回》(2008)
  • Self, 超給麗, 《Happy Searching 快樂收尋》(2011)
  • Self, 超給麗, 《No More Tears 說不哭》(2011)
  • Self, Super Kelly|超給麗, 《My Love 陪我到最後》(2011)
  • Self, Miss Kelly | 情人嘉麗, 《情人》(2014)
  • Self, Miss Kelly | 情人嘉麗, 《小丑》(2014)
  • Self, Miss Kelly | 情人嘉麗, 《Goodbye》(2014)


Years Drama
  • Dream Chasers 《梦·拼图》Lynn
  • Maggi & MeGuest Star
  • Starry Night 《星光依旧灿烂》锺采零Charlene
  • Starry Night 《星光依旧灿烂-电影》李云

Awards and achievements[edit]

Star Awards[edit]

Year Award Nominated Work Result
2017 Best Theme Song You Can Be an Angel 2 Nominated


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