Kelp tea

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Kelp tea
Tsuitachi Mochi02 1.jpg
Japanese kobu-cha
TypeHerbal tea
Country of originJapan, China, Korea
Region of originEast Asia
Korean name
Revised Romanizationdasima-cha
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese海带茶
Traditional Chinese海帶茶

Kelp tea is a traditional East Asian tea made by infusing kelp in hot water.[1] It is called kobu-cha or konbu-cha (昆布茶) in Japan, haidai-cha (海带茶) in China and dasima-cha (다시마차) in Korea.



Either dried kelp powder or julienned kelp can be used to make the tea.[1]

Powdered tea can be made by pan-frying and pounding cleaned and dried kelp.[2] For a cup of hot water, two to three spoons of kelp powder is used.[2] Optionally, sugar or honey can be added.[2]

Alternatively, around 30 grams (1.1 oz) of cleaned kelp pieces are infused in 300–500 millilitres (11–18 imp fl oz; 10–17 US fl oz) of hot water.[3] The kelp slices are removed after infusing, and salt is added to taste.[3]


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