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The Next of Kin Memorial Avenue at Woodlawn Cemetery Saskatoon
The Next of Kin Memorial Avenue at Woodlawn Cemetery Saskatoon
Coordinates: 52°09′03″N 106°39′18″W / 52.150833°N 106.655000°W / 52.150833; -106.655000Coordinates: 52°09′03″N 106°39′18″W / 52.150833°N 106.655000°W / 52.150833; -106.655000
Suburban Development AreaLawson SDA
 • TypeMunicipal (Ward 1)
 • Administrative bodySaskatoon City Council
 • CouncillorDarren Hill
 • Total860
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)

Kelsey-Woodlawn is a combination of industrial park nestled between the North West Industrial SDA and the Central Industrial of down town Saskatoon. It is still serviced by the CNR rail lines to both the north and east. There are two older neighbourhoods, one still survives near SIAST - Kelsey institute on Idylwyld Drive North, and the other is the McVicar Addition near the Woodlawn Cemetery. According to MLS data, the average sale price of a home as of 2013 was $232,279.[2]


Within the Lawson Suburban Development Area (West Side), the neighbourhood of Kelsey-Woodlawn reaches as far north as the north industrial area bearing 40th Street as its northern perimeter. The CNR train track marks the eastern boundary at Warman Road, thus encompassing the Woodlawn Cemetery. The southern most road within Kelsey-Woodlawn is 33rd Street East, and the western edge includes all the places along Idylwyld Drive.[3] Most homes were built prior to the 1960s with no new construction virtually after 1980 at all and the main tenants would be students attending SIAST on 33rd Street and Idylwyld Drive.


Along the Woodlawn Cemetery is a small neighbourhood known as the "McVicar Addition"[4] The other residential community in the Kelsey Woodlawn subdivision are those who reside in the places which branch off Idylwyld Drive. These places are named after governors general of Canada.

Throughout the remainder of the area, the streets are numerically numbered from 33rd Street and continue north to 40th Street. The avenues are named after the provinces of Canada.

List of Places and Avenues
Location Namesake
Connaught Place Duke of Connaught
Grey Place Earl Grey
Aberdeen Place Lord Aberdeen
Minto Place Earl of Minto
Stanley Place Lord Stanley of Preston
Saskatchewan Avenue Saskatchewan
Alberta Avenue Alberta
Quebec Avenue Quebec
Ontario Avenue Ontario


The Wood Lawn Cemetery is the only active municipal cemetery within city limits. It replaced the first cemetery - Nutana Pioneer Cemetery in 1910.[5]

Next of Kin Memorial Avenue is bedecked with many planted trees honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in war engagements. This Road of Remembrance was designated in 1993 as a National Historic Site. [6]

Government and politics[edit]

Kelsey-Woodlawn exists within the federal electoral district of Saskatoon West. It is currently represented by Sheri Benson of the New Democratic Party, first elected in 2015.[7]

Provincially, the area is within the constituency of Saskatoon Meewasin. It is currently represented by Ryan Meili of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, first elected in a 2017 by-election.[8]

In Saskatoon's non-partisan municipal politics, Kelsey-Woodlawn lies within ward 1. It is currently represented by Darren Hill, first elected in 2006.[9]


St. Michael Community School
St Michael Elementary School (Saskatoon).jpg
22 - 33rd Street East

, ,
S7K 0R7

Religious affiliation(s)Catholic
Opened1951 (1951)[10]
School boardGreater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
PrincipalMichael Thorson
Vice PrincipalLaverna Blind
GradesPre-Kindergarten to Grade 8
Enrollment132[11] (2017)
Education systemSeparate
Feeder toE. D. Feehan High School


Within Kelsey-Woodlawn are industrial areas interspersed with the residential areas. The business and industrial areas stem off the Central Business District Warehouse area. The CNR rail yards were first located down town, and there are still CPR spur lines throughout the Kelsey Woodlawn Subdivision. Shopping is available at several various strip malls along Idylwyld Drive North, Quebec Avenue and 33rd Street East.

Area Parks[edit]

  • Dr. J. Valens Park 2.10 acres (8,500 m2)
  • Industrial Park 6.00 acres (24,300 m2)


Idylwyld Drive has had many titles: Avenue A, Highway 11 and most currently Louis Riel Trail. It is a main thoroughfare through the city connecting Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It also connects west Saskatoon with the bedroom communities of Warman and Martensville

City Transit[edit]

Kelsey-Woodlawn serviced by City Transit Bus Routes Saskatoon Transit.


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