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Kelty is a manufacturer of high-end backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags owned by Exxel Outdoors, LLC. The business is based in Boulder, Colorado.

The company was started by Asher "Dick" Kelty (September 13, 1919 - January 12, 2004), who was one of the first gear designers to produce and market an external-frame backpack designed specifically for civilian use.[1] He is considered to be the inventor of the aluminum-framed backpack.[2]

Kelty products are widely sold by large outdoor outfitters such as Eastern Mountain Sports and REI, and Kelty is one of a few companies that still specializes in external-frame backpacks for outdoors use.

Dick Kelty's son, Richard Kelty, became one of the founders of Sierra West, a competing company.[2]

Kelty was also the provider of gear in the 70s cult classic TV show The Land Of The Lost


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