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Kelvyn Alp born 27 March 1971, was the leader of the Direct Democracy Party of New Zealand which stood in the 2005 general elections. He also stood for Mayor of Manukau in 2007. Alp stood in the 2011 Te Tai Tokerau by-election under the OurNZ Party banner receiving 0.5% of the vote. He has five children, three boys, two girls, and served in the New Zealand Army from 1995 to 1996.

Alp has attempted to use a "Māori Passport" abroad in an attempt to highlight Māori issues. Alp has claimed that this practice ended after the New Zealand Labour-led Government threatened to pull allocated school funding in the Solomon Islands.

In 1996 Alp set up the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force as a mercenary organisation, later transforming it into a para-military, anti-banking, pro-people rights movement - although it was referred to in the media as a Māori separatist organisation.[1] It is now defunct.[2]


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