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Kemadruma yoga, is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon. According to Varahmihir, this Yoga is formed when one house in front and back from the Moon are vacant. In other words, the second and the twelfth house from the Moon should be vacant so that this Yoga can be formed. This Yoga is not at all inauspicious as believed by the astrologers in the modern times. A person should not be afraid of this Yoga at all. In fact it provides strong power to a person to face all sorts of struggles in life so that he may excel and achieve success. People with this Yoga are generally seen to be excellent Generals, Ministers, Councillors, Advisors, Teachers, Professors, Coaches and highly paid & in-demand consultants. The general idea is that they may not be in 'one opinion within' for their own life but are the best people to seek advice from. For example: A person with this Yoga may not be a great soccer player being an average implementer however due to the deep knowledge of technique might guide someone to become one of the best soccer players in the Century. Most phenomenal Astrologers who have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries were born with this Yoga. It is believed that people with such type of a planetary setting, when once channelize their energy and calm the chattering mind either with meditation, yoga, mantra recitation, etc. - they can learn and store 'the entire knowledge available to humanity ever' which is what had made them great advisors & gurus throughout the history. A key distinguishing factor in such individuals is that they are theoretical gurus of all trades but average or below average implementers of that knowledge. These individuals when clubbed with an equally good implementer (who readily accepts 'a person with this Yoga' as his teacher), results in a highly successful union which is an unstoppable team in every aspect.

How is Kemdrum Yoga formed

Kemdrum Yoga is formed if the second and twelfth house from the Moon are vacant. It is also formed when the Moon is not aspected by an auspicious planet or is not in association with an auspicious planet. Rahu and Ketu are not analyzed when we talk about Kemdrum Yoga.

There is a misconception about Kemdrum yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Hence, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious. This notion is not totally true. People born in Kemdrum yoga do well in their profession. They also receive respect and appreciation in their field of work. Usually, astrologers in modern times only talk about the inauspicious effects of this yoga. But, if they start talking about the auspicious results too, people would know that due to the presence of some yogas, Kemdrum yoga is converted into Raj yoga. Therefore, while analyzing a person’s kundali, it is important to notice the yogas which convert Kemdrum yoga.

Deformation of Kemdrum Yoga

Kemdrum yoga is destroyed with the presence of Moon in the center from the ascendant. Due to the destruction of Kemdrum yoga, its inauspicious effects are also destroyed. Some other condition in a Kundali also destroy the ill effects of this Yoga. Kemdrum yoga is destroyed if Moon is in an auspicious house or if Moon is in the ascendant or if Moon is exalted in the tenth house or if Moon is strong and Sunfa, Anfa or Durudhara Yogas are being formed in a Kundali. A person is also free from the ill effects of this yoga if there is planet in the center house from the Moon.

According to some shastras, if there is a planet in the center, second, twelfth or ninth house from the Moon, Kemdrum yoga is destroyed. Kemdrum yoga is also destroyed if Moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are considered to be auspicious planets. Such a person receives all the happiness from his wife and children and lives a good life. Remedies for Kemdrum Yoga

Remedies may help in decreasing the effects of Kemdrum Yoga

These remedies also increase the auspicious effects of Kemdrum Yoga. These are :

  • Fast on the day of Purnima for four consecutive years. Begin this fast from a Purnima which is on Monday or from the day of Chitra nakshatra when it is on Monday.
  • Visit a temple on Mondays and pour a cow’s milk on Shivalinga and worship lord Shiva. Worship lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Recite Shivapanchakshari mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ with a Rudraksha mala.
  • Keep a Dakshinavarti shell in the house and read Sri Sukta regularly. Keep water in this shell and pour it on an idol of Goddess Lakshami. Wear a Sri Yantra made of silver with a pearl in it.



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