Kemora Circuit

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Kemora Circuit
Kemora rata.jpg
Kemora profile.
Location Kemorantie 161, Veteli 69750, Finland
Major events Finnish Championship racing/ Road Racing, F3 NEZ
Length 2.733 km (1.70 mi)
Turns 9

The Kemora is a racing circuit situated in Central Ostrobothnia, Veteli municipality of Finland. It is about 250 km North to Tampere city and about 170km away from another Finnish racing circuit in that region - Bontniaring. Kemora racing circuit was built in 1983 and was lengthened in 1987. The current track is 2,733 metres (1.70 mi) long. In the same area is also a kart racing track and a snowmobile track used in winter. Kemora track is rather wide, plenty space to overtake, has a lot of gab zones so it is enough safe circuit. At the same time Kemora track has pretty high average speed, very fast corners and this makes this circuit very attractive for race drivers and performs real delight behind the wheel.

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Coordinates: 63°25.1′N 23°59.1′E / 63.4183°N 23.9850°E / 63.4183; 23.9850