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Downtown Barrie curves around the shore of Kempenfelt Bay.
Kempenfelt Bay.png

Kempenfelt Bay is a 14.5 km (9.0 mi) long bay that leads into the Canadian city of Barrie, Ontario. It is as deep as 30 m (98 ft) in places, and is connected to the larger Lake Simcoe. It is known for its ice fishing and legends of Kempenfelt Kelly, a Loch Ness monster style prehistoric creature.

Kempenfelt Bay was named by John Graves Simcoe, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, after Rear-Admiral Richard Kempenfelt, Royal Navy, who had served as a captain in the West Indies during the 1740s, at which time and place Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe's father Captain John Simcoe, also served.

Kempenfelt Bay is home each year to Kempenfest, an outdoor arts and crafts festival.

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Coordinates: 44°23′09″N 79°36′52″W / 44.38571°N 79.61449°W / 44.38571; -79.61449