Kempenfelt Bay

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Kempenfelt Bay
Kempenfelt Bay from Barrie Marina.jpg
Downtown Barrie curves around the shore of Kempenfelt Bay
Kempenfelt Bay is located in Ontario
Kempenfelt Bay
Kempenfelt Bay
Coordinates44°23′09″N 79°36′52″W / 44.38571°N 79.61449°W / 44.38571; -79.61449Coordinates: 44°23′09″N 79°36′52″W / 44.38571°N 79.61449°W / 44.38571; -79.61449
EtymologyRichard Kempenfelt
Max. length14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi)
Max. depth30 metres (98 ft)

Kempenfelt Bay is a 14.5 km (9.0 mi) long bay that leads into the Canadian city of Barrie, Ontario. It is as deep as 30 m (98 ft) in places, and is connected to the larger Lake Simcoe. It is known for its ice fishing and legends of Kempenfelt Kelly, a Loch Ness monster style prehistoric creature. Kempenfelt Bay is home each year to Kempenfest, an outdoor arts and crafts festival.


Kempenfelt Bay was named by John Graves Simcoe, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, after Rear-Admiral Richard Kempenfelt, Royal Navy, who had served as a captain in the West Indies during the 1740s, at which time and place Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe's father Captain John Simcoe, also served.

Ice fishing[edit]

Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe begins in January and lasts until mid-March. Kempenfelt Bay usually freezes later in winter than the shallower sections of Lake Simcoe, such as Cook's Bay. There may be as many as 4000 huts during peak season, which must all be registered with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Yellow perch is the most commonly caught fish. Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe puts more than $28 million annually into the local economy.[1]


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