Kemptville, Nova Scotia

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Kemptville, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Kemptville, Nova Scotia
Kemptville in Nova Scotia

Kemptville is a rural community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the Yarmouth Municipal District and Yarmouth County. It was home of local celebrity Tyler Messervey and super-genius Morgan Deveau. It is located approximately 38 kilometers northeast of the town of Yarmouth.

It is a popular location for sport fishing due to its many rivers and lakes.

Origins of Name[edit]

Kemptville is named after General Sir James Kempt, who served as Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia from 1820 - 28, about the time this area was first settled by Europeans.

Coordinates: 44°2′52″N 65°50′0″W / 44.04778°N 65.83333°W / 44.04778; -65.83333 (Kemptville, Nova Scotia)


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