Kemptville Creek

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Kemptville Creek
South Branch of the Rideau River
Kemptville ON 1.JPG
Kemptville Creek in the town of Kemptville
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Eastern Ontario
County United Counties of Leeds and Grenville
Municipalities North Grenville, Augusta
Part of Saint Lawrence River drainage basin
Source North Augusta, Augusta
 - elevation 112 m (367 ft)
 - coordinates 44°45′57″N 75°45′00″W / 44.76583°N 75.75000°W / 44.76583; -75.75000
Mouth Rideau River
 - location Kemptville, North Grenville
 - elevation 85 m (279 ft)
 - coordinates 45°03′21″N 75°39′15″W / 45.05583°N 75.65417°W / 45.05583; -75.65417Coordinates: 45°03′21″N 75°39′15″W / 45.05583°N 75.65417°W / 45.05583; -75.65417
Length 69 km (43 mi)
Basin 456 km2 (176 sq mi)
Location of the mouth of Kemptville Creek in southern Ontario

Kemptville Creek is a stream in the municipalities of North Grenville and Augusta, in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, in eastern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is in the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin, is a right tributary of the Rideau River, and is under the auspices of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.[2]

Kemptville Creek is 69 kilometres (43 mi) long and has a drainage basin of 456 square kilometres (176 sq mi).[2] Portions of the drainage basin extend into other municipalities of Leeds and Grenville, such as Athens, Elizabethtown-Kitley and Merrickville–Wolford. The creek was historically referred to by the name South Branch of the Rideau River, until its name was changed to Kemptville Creek in 1908.[citation needed] However, the former name is still in use as of 2015.[3]


The main branch, also called the South Branch, beings northwest of the community of North Augusta in the municipality of Augusta, where it immediately takes in the right tributary Mud Creek. It travels north, passing into North Grenville near the community of Bishop's Mills.

Kemptville Creek at Oxford Mills

The North Branch begins at Cranberry Lake in Merrickville–Wolford, and flows northeast, passes into North Grenville as it flows through the community of Bishop's Mills, before joining the main branch northeast of the community.

Combined, the creek continues north through the community of Oxford Mills, where it goes over Oxford Mills Dam, flows under the Canadian Pacific Railway main line, heads through Kemptville, where it takes in the right tributary Barnes Creek, and reaches its mouth at the Rideau River. The Rideau River flows to the Saint Lawrence River.


The creek is navigable, for smaller watercraft, from the Rideau River to the town docks in Kemptville. In the summer it is also suitable for canoeing from Bishop's Mills to approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the south of Oxford Mills (rough-launch near the railway bridge, or at the dam in town). In the spring it should be possible to canoe from Oxford Station Road (or further) to the Rideau River with one portage.


  • Barnes Creek (right)
  • North Branch Kemptville Creek (left)
    • Muldoons Creek
  • Mud Creek (right)


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