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Arabic: كمونة
Kemune is located in Iraqi Kurdistan
Shown within Iraqi Kurdistan
RegionDuhok Governorate
Coordinates36°47′02.1″N 42°43′43.5″E / 36.783917°N 42.728750°E / 36.783917; 42.728750Coordinates: 36°47′02.1″N 42°43′43.5″E / 36.783917°N 42.728750°E / 36.783917; 42.728750

Kemune (probably the ancient city of Zakhiku)[1] is an archeological site discovered in the reservoir of the Mosul Dam in the Kurdistan region of Iraq in 2010, and first excavated in 2019. It was originally a palace constructed on the banks of the Tigris River during the days of the Mitanni Empire.[2]


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