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Ken Anderson (born in Rembrandt, Iowa, USA on September 23, 1917, died in Warsaw, Indiana, USA on March 12, 2006) was an American film director, producer and screenwriter of Christian-themed films, most remembered for his film Pilgrim's Progress, an adaptation of the book of same name The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. Anderson was also a prolific writer with 77 books published over a span of 6 decades since the 1940s including his best known book Where to Find It in the Bible.[1] He was also an editor for the magazine Youth for Christ.

Anderson co-founded Gospel Films. But in 1961, he and his wife Doris (Jones) left to form Ken Anderson Films.[2] Over 200 Christian films have been produced since then, including original dramas for many overseas countries.[1]



  • 1961: The Family that Changed the World
  • 1964: In His Steps
  • 1965: Man of Steel
  • 1972: The Gospel According to Most People
  • 1979: Pilgrim's Progress
  • 1979: Christiana
  • 1981: Hudson Taylor
  • 1984: Fanny Crosby


  • 1972: The Gospel According to Most People
  • 1981: Hudson Taylor
  • 1984: Fanny Crosby



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