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Ken Block
Ken Block.jpg
Born November 23, 1966 (1966-11-23)
Nationality American
Alma mater

University of North Florida

University of Florida
Known for Songwriter, Lead singer, Guitar player for Sister Hazel and his Solo CD
Spouse(s) Tracy Montgomery-Block

Ken Block (born November 23, 1966) is a songwriter, guitarist and lead singer of the rock band Sister Hazel. Ken plays acoustic guitar. He also helped produce the band's first CD in 1994. His debut solo effort Drift was released on December 9, 2008.

Musical contributions[edit]

Block is known for a powerful and emotional voice that is both unique and quickly recognizable. Block is a critically acclaimed performer and songwriter who has written or co-written several songs that have made the Billboard charts and many others...[weasel words]

  • Sister Hazel (1994): "Feel It", "Sometimes", "All For You", "Will Not Follow", "One Nation", "Used to Run", "Little Things", "Space Between Us", "Don't Think It's Funny", "Running Through the Fields" (a tribute to Ken's brother Jeffrey, who lost a battle with cancer when he was only 18)
  • ...Somewhere More Familiar (1997): "Just Remember", "Happy", "All For You", "Look To the Children", "Wanted it to Be", "Think About Me", "So Long", "Superman", "Concede", "We'll Find It", "Starfish"
  • Fortress (2000): "Change Your Mind", "Thank You", "Champagne High", "Beautiful Thing", "Shame on Me", "Your Winter", "Save Me", "Give In", "Out There" (written with Ken's father Al), "Velvet Elvis", "Fortress"
  • Chasing Daylight (2003): "Your Mistake", "Swan Dive", "Come Around", "Killing Me Too", "One Love", "Sword and Shield", "Best I'll Ever Be", "Effortlessly", "Life Got In the Way", "Everybody"
  • Lift (2004): "Surrender", "Lay It Down", "World Inside My Head", "Hold On", "I Will Come Through", "All About the Love", "Dreamers", "Another Me", "Firefly", "Green
  • Absolutely (2006): "Mandolin Moon", "Meet Me in the Memory", "Hey Hey", "Hello It's Me", "Tear By Tear", "Where Do You Go", "Truth Is", "One Time", "Everything Else Disappears"

A live concert album titled Live*LIVE (pronounced 'livv liiv') was produced, which is a compilation of songs from the first four albums, and were recorded live in 2003 with the audience cheering and singing along. A DVD called A Life in the Day was released the same day that shows concert footage as well as life on the road.

Block and Sister Hazel have started a charity foundation which benefits cancer research called Lyrics for Life. Block is extremely personable in concert, laughing and talking with the audience, adjusting the volume on speakers near children, and smiling. He also hangs out after concerts to sign autographs, take pictures, and chat with fans. Block is also co-founder of The Rock Boat and co-owner of Soundwave Merchandise.

Personal life[edit]

Block is from Gainesville, Florida, and attended Buchholz High School. He went on to obtain degrees from the University of North Florida and the University of Florida. He is married to writer Tracy Montgomery-Block and fathered son Chanson in 2000, daughter Marley in 2003, and daughter Alaina in 2005.

He often visits his hometown, playing personable acoustic concerts.

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