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Ken Coomer was the last drummer for the band Uncle Tupelo[1] as well as the drummer for Chicago-based band Wilco[2] until Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. He was the drummer and co-founder of the Nashville-based band, Clockhammer,[3] in the late 1980s/early 1990s, as well as Buzzkill, during that same time, and he continues to play on various projects.

Coomer is a producer. His most notable production work is the debut solo album of Vaquero's singer Chetes, which achieved platinum record sales in the Mexican music market.

Coomer has also played on or produced[clarification needed] albums by Steve Earle, Frontier Ruckus, Sons of Bill, Tim Finn, Will Hoge, Jars of Clay, Emmylou Harris, Toy Horses, Malcolm Holcombe, Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal [4] and Shaver.

He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


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