Kenji Kazama

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Kenji Kazama
Other names Ken Kazama, Kenji Kazuma, Ken Kazuma, Kazuma Kenji, Fung Gaan Kin
Occupation Film actor, Fight director

Kenji Kazama is a Japanese martial artist. He played the henchman Spider [1] who fought Fred Williamson in the 1973 action film That Man Bolt and he played Yokohama [2] a mean and brutal Japanese official who fought Jhoon Rhee in the 1973 martial arts classic When Taekwondo Strikes. In 1974 he played the part of Senkaku Kan [3] in the Sonny Chiba cult classic The Street Fighter. In 1976 he had the lead role in a film called Karate From Shaolin Temple [4] that also featured Henry Yu Yung, Fung Ngai, Henry Yu Yung and Bill Lake.

He also served as kick boxing director in The Street Fighter and its sequel Street Fighter 2 a.k.a. Return of the Street Fighter and another Sonny Chiba film in 1979, Revenge! The Killing Fist a.k.a. The Street Fighter's Last Revenge.[5]

Film Work[edit]


Miscellaneous Crew

  • Revenge! The Killing Fist (fight director) (1974)
  • Return of the Street Fighter .... {Kickboxing direction) (1974)
  • The Streetfighter .... {Kickboxing direction) (1974) )



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